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In-the-Spotlight Flyers

A brief view at the position of the Interim manager, as it applies to times of difficult economic times.
A review of the first 120 days after a merger or acquisition. Ask IBD Connection for more details.
IBDC_2011-08-07_Coaching for Engineers.pdf
A brief review of the reasons and the benefits to coach young engineers by external professionals.
Career preparation for the new and maintenance for the incumbent, with consequences of failure to adapt to a new working-world.
A brief description of typical review and evaluation processes to evaluate the effectiveness of an industrial organization.
A look at the need of an international business partner, its challenges and how to meet them.

Technical Papers and Presentations – Wheel Manufacturing Technology

The weight-reduction flow-forming process, its material savings and its related process costs are analyzed from the vantage point of the steel wheel producer on one side and the steel wheel user (OEM) on the other side. The overall economic reasoning to use weight reduced wheels is discussed.
(e) Presentation
The wheel mass is compared and put into perspective to the vehicle body mass. The myth of rotation mass to stationary mass is conceptually and mathematically analyzed as it relates to steel or aluminum wheel rims.
(e) White Paper

Computing Aids and Calculations (these tools are provided AS-IS, please use at your discretion)

A proof is given for the common formula used to calculate the forces required to expand or shrink circular parts.
(e) Formula Proof

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